Today In this post I will share, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay PDF. You Can Heal Your Life is a 1984 self-help and Lewis Hay's new thought book. It was the author's second book after Hill Your Body, written at the age of 60.

Hey, after appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Donahue the same week in March 1988, the book appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list, and by 2008, more than 35 million copies had been sold worldwide in more than 30 languages, making it the best-selling non-fiction book of all time. Has become.


You Can Heal Your Life

 The book also played a key role in the success of its publishing house, Hay House Inc. Because of the book, he is "one of the best-selling authors in history." K. Rowling is one of the best-selling female writers after Daniel Steele. And Barbara Cartland.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay PDF

Story summary:

Lewis Hay is a speaker, lecturer in metaphysics and founder of Hay House Publishing House. Not only that, he is an inspirational figure, one of the most influential speakers of the twenty-first century. The books written under his pen are extremely valuable and famous, I can do it, you can heal your life.

“Pain healing” is not for everyone. It is very close to the new era and fits the pattern of writing "Integrity Journey" - a pattern that is common today, although it is Hey's guide. For those who have read a lot of self-help books, this book will seem a bit too simplistic and there is nothing new in it; But in the case of thinking,

This is certainly not a book that holds too much promise for readers. On the other hand, the book does not yet have a specific perception and encouragement that helps readers remember it and perceive it intuitively.

True to the spirit of self-help, the book not only presents the content of solving all problems by itself, but also takes all the authority from them. This approach, which at first seems young and simple, is actually quite logical: if we just stop at problems, they will gradually become obstacles that we cannot control.

Which passes; Consider using all your abilities to build their confidence and motivation. Millions of people have lived miserable lives like straw, but not everyone has the desire to put all their suffering behind them or even understand them; Poverty creates the illusion “this is all possible”.

Hey his own claim is that it will not be clear in what way pain and obstruction will get him out of the complex psychological black hole. His book is truly proof of successful liberation from suffering.

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