Today In this post I will share, War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy PDF free download. War and Peace (Russian: Война и миръ) is a novel by Russian author Leo Tolstoy and first published in 1869. The novel is regarded as one of the most important achievements and important works of world literature.

"War and Peace" is considered the pinnacle of Tolstoy's literary work, along with his other works "Anna Karenina" (1873-1877). War and Peace "describes the events that took place during the French invasion of Russia and the impact of the Napoleonic era on Russian tsarist society and the consequences of this influence in the example of the five aristocratic families.

The first edition of the novel was published in a series called "On il 1805" in the magazine "Rus Khabarchisi" during the period 1865-1867. The novel was first published in 1865. In 2009, "War and Peace" took first place in the "Top 100 Books" compiled by Newsweek.

War and Peace

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy PDF free download Now:

Story summary: 

The sheer size of the work makes it difficult to keep it clean and concise. In addition, the author has aligned his narrative with many personal reflections that break the rhythm of the reading.

The action took place between 1805 and 1820, although in reality, the essence of the work focuses on some important moments: the Third Alliance War (1805), the Peace of Tilsit (1807), and finally the Russian Expedition (1812). However, it would be false to believe that "war and peace" only relate to Franco-Russian relations at that time.

 In addition to the battles of Schweingraben, Austerlitz, and Borodino, Tolstoy described with great care and subtlety the thousands of aristocratic Russian elites, covering a variety of themes prevalent at the time; The problem of surf, secret society and war.

The characters in "War and Peace" are so abundant and detailed that it is difficult to find a "hero" in the work, despite Pierre Bezokhov being the most repetitive character.

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