Today In this post I will share, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee PDF. To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel by American author Harper Lee. It was published in 1960 and was an instant success. In the United States, it is widely read in high school and middle school.

To Kill a Mockingbird has won the Pulitzer Prize and has become a classic of modern American literature. The plot and characters are loosely based on an incident that happened to Lee's family, his neighbors, and his hometown of Monrovil, Alabama in 1936, when he was ten.

Despite tackling the serious problems of rape and racial discrimination, the novel is famous for its warmth and humor. The narrator's father, Atticus Finch, has served as a moral hero to many readers and a model of honesty for lawyers.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Historian Joseph Crespino explains, "In the twentieth century, To Kill a Mockingbird is probably the most widely read book about race in America, and its protagonist, Atticus Finch, is the most enduring fictional image of racial heroism." As a Southern Gothic novel and Bildungsroman, the primary theme of To Kill a Mockingbird involves the destruction of racial injustice and innocence.

Scholars point out that Lee also addresses issues of class, courage, empathy and the role of gender in the deep south. The book is widely taught in schools in the United States, emphasizing tolerance and denying prejudice.

Despite its theme, To Kill a Mockingbird was the subject of a campaign to remove it from the public classroom, often challenging its use of racial titles. In 2006, British librarians ranked the book before the Bible as a "must read before the death of every adult."

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee PDF

Story summary:

The story, told by six-year-old Jean-Louis Finch, the seat of McComb County, the fictional city of Alabama, takes place during the three years of the Great Depression (1933-35). Nickname Scout, he lives with his older brother Jeremy, nickname Jem and their widowed father Atticus, a middle-aged lawyer.

They also have a black cook, Calpurnia, who has been with the family for many years and helped Atticus raise two children. Jem and Scout make friends with a boy named Deal, who goes to McMahon every summer to be with his aunt. The three children are terrified, yet fascinated by their neighbor, Arthur "Bu" Redley.

McComb's adults are hesitant to talk about Bu, and some of them have seen him for many years. The children feed each other's imagination with rumors about his appearance and the reason for his hiding, and they imagine how to get him out of his house.

 After two summer friendships with Deal, Scout and Jem see someone leaving a small gift in a tree outside their Radley place. Several times the mysterious Boo gestures affection towards the children, but, to their frustration, he never appears in person.

Judge Taylor Atticus has been appointed to protect Tom Robinson, a black man accused of raping a young white woman, Myla Ewell. Although many of McComb's citizens deny it, Atticus agrees to protect Tom to the best of his ability.

 Other children scold Jem and the scouts for Atticus' work, calling him a "nigger-lover." The scout is tempted to fight and stand up for his father's honor, even though he doesn't tell him. One night, Atticus confronts a group of men with the intention of lynching Tom.

 The crisis is averted in an unexpected way: scouts, gems and deals appear, and scouts inadvertently break the crowd's mood by recognizing and talking to a classmate's father, and the lynchers are dispersed.

Atticus does not want Jem and Scout to attend the trial of Tom Robinson. There are no seats on the main floor, but the Rev. Sykes, the pastor of the church in Calpurnia, invites Jem, Scout and Dill to visit from the colorful porch. Atticus establishes that Mayla and Bob Ewell are lying.

It has been revealed that Mayla made sexual progress towards Tom, who was later beaten by her father. The townspeople referred to the Ewels as a "white trash" who could not be trusted, but the jury indiscriminately convicted Tom.

Jem's faith in justice is shattered. Atticus is hopeful that he can overturn the verdict, but Tom is shot 17 times and killed while trying to escape from prison.

Despite Tom's conviction, Bob Ewell is humiliated by the trial. Atticus explained that he had destroyed the last part of Ewell's credibility. Ewell promises revenge, spits in Atticus' face, tries to enter the judge's house, and intimidates Tom Robinson's widow.

Eventually, he attacks Jem and the scouts as they return home on a dark night after a school Halloween competition. In the struggle Jem suffers a broken arm, but in confusion, someone comes to the rescue of the children. The mysterious man takes Jem home, where the scout realizes he's Bu Ridley.

Sheriff Tate arrives and finds Ewel dead after being stabbed. Atticus believes Jem was responsible, but Tate is sure it was Boo. The sheriff decides that, in order to protect Bu's privacy, he will report that Ewel only fell on his own knife during the attack.

Bo tells the scout to take him home. After saying goodbye to him at his front door, he disappears, never to be seen again by the scouts. Ridley stands on the porch, imagining life from Scout Boo's point of view.

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