Today In this post I will share, The Eagle Has Landed by Jack Higgins PDF. "The Eagle Has Landed" is an English adventure novel by Jack Higgins. Set in a cold village on British soil during World War II, it depicts the adventures of a Nazi German parachute unit that received a special mission to kidnap British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

The Eagle Has Landed
Announced in 1975, it was a bestseller in the United Kingdom and the United States for almost six months after its release, breaking the number one record in a row at that time. A movie was also released the following year.

The Eagle Has Landed by Jack Higgins PDF

Story summary:

"Stadry Constable" is a rural town in the north of Norfolk, England. Jack Higgins, who visited the area for coverage, discovered a tombstone hidden in a corner of the church.

It read, "Lieutenant-Colonel Kurt Steiner and 13 German Fallshermzger, who died November 6, 1943, are sleeping here." Higgins, who set out to find the truth about the strange tombstone, may soon learn of an operation conducted by the German army. The era goes back to World War II.

1943 In the midst of a sharp defeat for Nazi Germany, the rescue of Mussolini captured by Fallschirmjäger and the Special Forces Guard, led by Otto Skorgeni, delighted Hitler and kidnapped his nemesis Churchill.

 Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, the armed forces' intelligence secretary, tried to ridicule this improbable idea, which was Fhrer's idea, by letting his subordinate, Lieutenant Colonel Laddle, consider only the form. However, a week later, Jonah Gray, a Bohr spy who lives with the Study Constable, told Churchill that he was planning to spend his vacation at the Study Grange near the village, with a specific date and place of residence.

 On. This information was also given to Gestapo Secretary Himmler, who kept it secret from the anti-Hitler canaries and forced Radall to carry out Churchill's abduction directly.

Radall plans to infiltrate and hide in the execution unit by parachuting and recover it with a high-speed boat after securing Churchill, but an agent who can assist the local Greeks is essential to hiding in enemy country.

There, Radal shot a white arrow at Liam Devlin, a former Irish Republican Army (IRA) veteran operative who is now guarding and monitoring in Berlin.

Devlin was also a warrior who dreamed of the independence of his native Ireland by predicting imminent death. Raddle then appointed Lieutenant Colonel Kurt Steiner as commander of the parachute unit conducting operations.

"Very smart, brave, calm, outstanding military man ... and a romantic fool." Lieutenant Colonel Kurt Steina, the legendary captain of the Fallen Umbrella, operates a human torpedo after being driven to the Channel Islands with his troops to help an unknown Jewish girl. Riddle and Devlin meet him directly and are fascinated by the men in front of them, who are invincible heroes, and remember them.

Constables like Molly Priya, a girl who is attracted to Devlin that infiltrated Britain. Brother Garwald, a dark businessman, and Inspector Logan of the Metropolitan Police. Captain Guericke, a pilot has been selected to transport the decent unit.

Sent by Himmler as a sentinel to the British Volunteer Army's Ensign Preston operation. And Colonel Shaftu of the U.S. Army Ranger Corps, who was assigned to a distant constable. Amidst various human speculations, Laddles finally arrives on the start date of the operation, November 4th.

The Steiners came down to Norfolk in bad weather. Upon hearing of the successful descent, Radel sends a ciphertext to Himmler. <The eagle has fallen down>. Towards the perfection of the operation, the characters try to fulfill their mission according to their own wishes, but the plan gradually breaks down.

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