Today In this post I will share, And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie PDF. And then there's Agatha Christie's 26th crime novel. It was first published in book form in the United Kingdom on November 6, 1939, by the Collins Crime Club, under the title Ten Little Niggers, and two months later in the United States by Dodd, Mid & Company, and then No One.

 Today, all English versions use titles and then were not there. The German translations were consistently Last Weekend, Ten Little Negros and then none.

The author himself created a stage version with a different ending, which premiered in Great Britain in 1943 under the title Ten Little Niggers and in 1944 in the United States under the title Ten Little Indians. The novel has been filmed several times.

And Then There Were None

In this novel, ten people involved in unexplained deaths in their lives die one after another. The plot is based on the well-known rhyme Ten Little Negros or Ten Little Indians / Ten Little Negroes, the title used worldwide today is the last verse.

The novel is Christie's best-selling work, selling over 100 million copies. It is one of the best-selling books of all time and is one of the best-selling criminal novels of all time.

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie PDF

Story summary:

The period described is about four days in summer, from 8th to 11th August, without conclusion, which is a little later. It is set to current. Except for the introductory chapter and conclusion, the whole action takes place on a secluded island outside of Devon County.

Ten are taken to the island by letter or by an intermediary on any pretext. A judge (Lawrence Wargrave), an elderly unmarried woman (Emily Brent), a retired general (John MacArthur) and a young forest vivant (Anthony Marston) are invited to vacation on the island, apparently from acquaintances and the elderly to refresh themselves, respectively.

A young sports teacher (Vera Clathern) will work as a temporary secretary, an explorer (Philip Lombard) will be hired as an expert for dangerous situations, a doctor (Dr. Armstrong) will monitor the host's wife due to her problematic health, a former police officer And the owner of the intelligence agency (William Bloor) is responsible for keeping an eye on his jewelry.

A couple (Thomas and Ethel Rogers) are hired as house staff to look after the guests. The island is well known from the press: an American millionaire built a luxurious house there, but sold it to a mysterious stranger who usually appears as Mr. Wayne in an invitation whose initials are U.N.

Ten people come to the island in local fishermen's boats. They noticed that in each cell above the mantelpiece there was a framed version of the well-known counting rhyme Ten Little Negroes (in other versions: Little Indians or Little Warriors), in which ten heroes died. Together at dinner, they noticed that ten porcelain statues were placed on a glass plate, matching the figures of the counting rhyme.

Shortly afterwards, a ghostly voice is heard from a record, accusing the ten attendees of causing the death of one or more people with impunity. It quickly became clear that they could not leave the island because there were no boats and the invitations were an excuse. The judge decoded UN Wayne's name as "unknown."

The plot then develops exactly according to the calculated rhyme: ten people die one after the other, the type of death can be compared to the characteristics of the rhyme. Also, one of the porcelain statues disappears after each death.

On the first evening, August 8, Marston died after consuming cyanide in his drink, and Ethel Rogers did not wake up the next morning (as it turned out later, due to chloral hydrate sleeping pill poisoning). For survivors, suicide or natural causes are the first option.

But on the second day, the boat that was supposed to bring supplies every day did not arrive, and Butler Rogers noticed that two small figures were missing. Lombard, Bloor and Armstrong became suspicious. They carefully search the island and home and find that no one else is hiding on the island.

On the second day, at noon, MacArthur was killed by a blow to the back of the head. One has to catch the murder now. At the same time, a storm begins that completely isolates the island from the mainland. At a gathering of survivors, Wargrave summed up the situation: the killer must be among the remaining seven, and none of these people can be ruled out of suspicion.

In the conversation it becomes clear that there are many different theories as to who the killer is and who can still be trusted. It also appears that the voice allegations on record are largely accurate. On the morning of the third day, Rogers was found dead in the woods, and in the morning Emily Brent died of a cyanide injection. Wargrave now offers a search of all rooms and people for weapons and drugs.

This advice is followed, but the pistol that Lombard brought to the island has disappeared. Any dangerous items found will be locked away. But then Vera Claythorn gets a push in her dark room when she feels a cold touch on her neck. At his shout, people rushed to see that it was a seaweed hanging there.

Clethorn escapes the push, but Wargrave is missing. They find him in the drawing room, Armstrong shooting to death. At night, Blower's footsteps are heard and Armstrong is not in his room. Bloor and Lombard, whose revolvers were recovered, went in search but could not find him. One concludes that Armstrong must be the killer.

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