Today In this post I will share,  All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque PDF free download. "All Quiet on the Western Front" (German: Im Westen nichts Neues) is a feature-length war novel by Erich Maria Remark. It was serialized in the Fossiche Zeitung newspaper in Berlin from November to December 1928 and was published in January 1929.

The headline comes from the fact that on the day the main character Paul Boimel died, the headquarters report described "there is nothing wrong with the Western Front, nothing to report."

All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque PDF free download Now:

Story summary:

It is a story that describes German volunteer Paul Bomle on the western front of World War I, who tasted death, pain, anxiety, fear, irritation and emptiness in the battlefield and eventually killed.

The story is Paul's attitude, recruitment training, field alert hospital, field, March, artillery bombing, attack war, attacking women, injured with women, death of comrades, returning home and scouting. It's not clear.

Paul's body occurs outside the body and the image of Paul's interior is compared to the image of the daily life of the battlefield and the image of the war, and the depth of the wounds injured by the author and other battlefield stands.

 After all, the story of a soldier who has crossed the struggle and conflict is the end of the war, which is not a major problem, such as the death of a soldier's death and war of war.

Military evidence is usually painted properly, how to quietly deal with poison gas, how to separate the shell type in the form of flying distances and bombing, brushing the enemies of white soldiers is more painful than a solid. Bonette.

A scoop is more effective for making the base, a bayonet with a cottage blades on the top is difficult to use, and if the owner is caught by enemies, the revolution aircraft will be dismissed more than a warrior. Reality. At that time, the front line is being taken directly as it is as shocking.

The general patriotism, courage, friendship and duty of soldiers have also been depicted in the battlefield show. But even greater, the extraordinaryness of the war and the irony and the destruction of the soldiers' lives and humanity and the scene where the protagonist remembers the enemy soldiers at the end of the game.

It can be explained as anti -anti -literature. Thus, ownership under the Nazi government was limited and the comment was forced to exile, which were not mentioned as Jews, non -people and French spy.

In 1931, the comment published a novel "Return Road (German version)", depicting a rehabilitation soldier in the first World War war.

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