Today in this post I will share, Love Insurance By Earl Derr Biggers PDF. Earl Derr Biggers (August 24, 1884 – April 5, 1933) was an American novelist, best known for a series of mystery novels featuring Charlie Chen. And it has been adapted into a movie many times. Al Del Biggs later suffered a heart attack in Palm Springs, California, and died in Pasadena.

The son of Robert J. and Emma E. (Derr) Biggers, Earl Derr Biggers was born in Warren, Ohio, and graduated from Harvard University in 1907. Many of his plays and novels have been made into films. He was posthumously inducted into the Warren City Schools Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame.

His novel "Seven Keys to Baldpate" involved 7 films with the same name and at least two with different titles ("House of Long Shadows", "Haunted Honeymoon") but essentially the same story. George M. Cohan adapted the novel using the same name. Cohan starred in the 1917 film version (one of his rare appearances) and the film he later wrote (made in 1935) is perhaps the best known of the seven versions.

Love Insurance book summery:

Allan, Lord Harrowby, son and heir of James Nelson Harrowby, came to Lloyds of London with a most unusual request for Insurance. He knew that Lloyds took out policies on unusual risks. And what he wanted was insurance of a most unusual insurance. What follows is a comic novel of improbable dimensions, by the world-famous creator of Chinese detective Charlie Chan!

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