Today In this post I will share, Doña Berta By Leopoldo Alas PDF free download. Leopoldo Enrique Garcia-Alas e Urena, simply known as Leopoldo Alas and nicknamed Clarin (Zamora, April 25, 1852-Ovido, June 13, 1901), was a Spanish writer and jurist.

A professor at the University of Zaragoza and later at the University of Ovido, he worked as a literary critic in the periodical newspapers of the time, from which he attacked many contemporary writers with subtle articles. He is best known for his novel La Regenta (1884), a masterpiece in Spanish realism literature and considered one of the best novels in 19th-century Spanish.

He was born on April 25, 1852, in Zamora, where his father moved to Oviedo after being appointed governor of the city of Genaro Garcia-Alas. Leopoldo was the third son in the marriage. One of his brothers was Gennaro Garcia-Alas e Urena.

Doña Berta

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At home Asturias and his mother, Leocadia, were constantly discussing a certain nostalgia, telling the story of that land to his ancestors (although he also had deep roots from Leon). This environment greatly influenced the consciousness of the boy Leopoldo, who always felt more Asturian than Zamorono, although throughout his life he had a special affection for the land in which he was born.

At the age of seven, he began studying at the Jesuit College in the city of Lyon, in the San Marcos Building (now a tourist hostel). The way she became a model student in a few months. His colleagues identified him by the nickname "Governor", referring to his father's occupation.

His biographers confirm that it was at this student level that Leopoldo developed the religious sentiments and principles of great moral discipline that were the basis of his character. This first school year he won a blue band award and a literature trophy. He kept it for a lifetime and it was one of the most beloved objects in the family museum.

In the summer of 1859 the whole family returned to Asturias. Leopoldo discovered Asturian geography with his own eyes, which he heard from his mother. In later years, Leopoldo finds himself free on the land of Guimaran owned by his father, where he will learn directly from nature and from books found in the old family library, where he first came in contact with the two. Writers who will be his teachers: Cervantes and Frey Luis de Leon.

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