Now I am share the twilight saga complete collection pdf free download link. Twilight is a series of five books for adolescents written by the American Stephenie Meyer. Two supplementary works have been published as well.

Thanks to this series of novels that began in 2005 with the story of Twilight and which would be followed by New Moon (2006), Eclipse (2007), Dawn (2008) and Dawn part 2 (2009), the author became one of the world's best-selling fantasy novel writers.

Let's go and the twilight saga complete collection pdf free download. The series, whose first literary work (Twilight) was made into a film in 2008, has been translated into more than twenty languages ​​and has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide. In addition, Breaking Dawn was the best-selling book in 2008,1 while the series, as such, broke the record for sales in the United States.  

The twilight saga complete collection


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The twilight saga complete collection pdf free download with google drive. The books, framed within romantic fantasy, tell the love story between a mortal girl (Bella) and a vampire (Edward) . The books are narrated, almost entirely, by Bella. Only the epilogue of Eclipse and a part of Breaking Dawn are narrated from the perspective of Jacob Black.

The author has spent several years preparing the fifth part, a book that tells the same story of Twilight from Edward's point of view. Due to the leakage of the first twelve chapters on the Internet, Stephenie Meyer suspended the project indefinitely; however, she officially published the draft with the leaked chapters.4

On June 5, 2010, Meyer published a short novel (companion to the Twilight series) entitled The Second Life of Bree Tanner, 5 a story that recounts the world of neophytes through Bree, a girl who had a brief appearance in Eclipse.

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Twilight is the first installment of the series of the same name.

It tells the story of Bella from the moment she decides to move to the small town of Forks in the state of Washington.

She there she meets the mysterious Edward Cullen, adopted son of Dr. Carlisle Cullen and Esme Cullen, members of a vampire family. Bella, attracted by his beauty and his mysterious attitude, falls madly in love with Edward and feels an uncontrollable need to be with him.

The consequences of this love mark a total change in Bella's life. She discovers the world of vampires that she until that moment she did not know. Confronted with a group of three vampires (Victoria, Laurent, and James) who do not share respect for human life, Bella puts her life and her father's in danger.

At the end there is a confrontation of the group with Edward's family trying to defend Bella. The play ends with Edward and Bella at the prom where they discuss the young woman's immortality.

New Moon s the second installment of the series.  

The novel deals with the internal conflict suffered by Edward Cullen, who reflects on the great risk that living with the vampire world entails for the human Bella Swan.

The plot revolves around the separation of the couple that occurs due to Edward's decision and Bella's approach to her childhood friend, Jacob Black. In this way.  Bella meets a world hitherto unknown to her - the werewolf world of the Black family and the Quileute community of La Push, a community near Forks, the city where the series' story takes place.

This approach to lycanthropes, who are, according to mythology, natural enemies of vampires, creates a deep conflict throughout the series. Edward, believing that Bella has died, wishes that the Volturi, a very powerful vampire family that comes from Italy, take his life, because his life without Bella no longer has meaning.

For this reason, Alice, Edward's sister, and Bella travel to Italy to find him and save him from danger. Bella finds him and manages to prevent him from exposing himself to the sunlight in front of the humans, but the Volturi, facing the threat of being discovered, want to take Edward's life, so Bella offers herself in her place. .

However, the moment Bella is about to give up her life, Alice explains to the Volturi that Bella will be one of them, as she has seen her in her visions. In this way, the Volturi spares everyone's life on the condition that Bella is turned into a vampire. 

Eclipse is the third novel in the series. 

 It begins with Victoria attacking the young Riley Biers and transforming him into the vampire to lead the army of neophyte vampires that she is creating. Victoria's purpose is to attack Bella and the Cullen family and, in this way, take revenge for the death of James that occurs in the first book of the series.

Meanwhile, Edward Cullen refuses to give Bella immortality until they are married and she has had various human experiences; and Bella's father, Charlie Swan, is investigating the disappearance of Riley Biers and other young men. Edward suspects that his disappearance was caused by vampires.

During one of her visits, Jacob confesses to Bella that he is in love with her and kisses her without her consent. Furious, Bella hits him and breaks his hand, leading to a confrontation between Edward and Jacob. However, Bella insists that Jacob and the rest of the werewolves would not harm her, but Edward remains unconvinced of her.

Alice has a vision of the army of newly transformed vampires who, led by Riley Biers, attack Forks. Faced with the threat of neophyte attack, rivals Edward and Jacob make peace. In addition, an alliance is created between the Cullens and the lycanthropes: they agree on the meeting place and the time to train and discuss the defense strategy.

During training, Jasper explains to Bella that he was created by Maria, a vampire who controlled an army of neophytes. He confesses that she hated her existence until meeting Alice and joining the Cullens.

To hide from the danger posed by the neophytes, Edward and Bella, accompanied by Jacob, make a camp in the snowy mountains. While Bella sleeps, a conversation occurs between Edward and Jacob, in which it temporarily seems that they could be friends.

However, the next morning Jacob hears Edward and Bella talking about their engagement, so, annoyed, he wants to leave the hideout and participate in the battle. Desperate, Bella kisses him and realizes that she loves him too. Bella confesses what happened to Edward, but he, although this causes a feeling of internal conflict, acts with total equanimity and without appearing any discomfort.

The battle begins, and the Cullens, accompanied by the werewolves, destroy the army of neophyte vampires, although Jacob is injured to protect Seth's sister, Leah. On the other hand, Victoria and Riley find Bella's hiding place, however, they fail to kill her, as Edward kills Victoria and Seth gets rid of Riley.

However, the danger has not passed, as the Volturi, fearing that the vampiric world will be discovered, arrive in Forks with the purpose of destroying the army of neophytes. For this reason, they also kill Bree Tanner, a newly transformed vampire who refused to fight and gave herself to the Cullens.

After the battle, Carlisle gives Jacob medical attention and Bella visits him at her house to tell him that she, although she loves him, has decided to be with Edward. Disappointed by the choice of her, Jacob agrees and tells her that he will continue to fight for her until her last breath.

At the end of the book, Bella and Edward go to her favorite place, the meadow, where she tells him that she has decided to do things her way: get married, make love and only then become a vampire. However, they decide that they first need to tell Charlie about her engagement.

Breaking Dawn is the fourth and final book in the series

It is also the longest book in the series and is divided in three parts. In the first part, the narrator portrays the life of Bella and Edward in their engagement stage, their wedding, their honeymoon and Bella's unexpected pregnancy that causes many doubts and fears, since no one knew that this could happen.

The second part of the book is narrated from Jacob Black's perspective and describes the conflict caused by Bella's pregnancy within the werewolf clan, culminating in the separation from Jacob Black, thus forming his own pack.

The conflict ends with the birth of the human-vampire Renesmee, daughter of Bella and Edward Cullen, and with the imprint of her by Jacob. During the pregnancy, Edward fights with Bella, as he is not convinced that the baby should be born, since he is hurting Bella. Jacob thinks that the baby Bella is expecting is a vampire, so he must need the blood. Thus, Carlislie provides blood to Bella to drink. In this way, she improves her health, her pulse and her appearance, although she is still very weak.

When one day Carlislie and Esme go out to get blood for Bella, she goes into labor. After giving birth, Bella's condition worsens, so Jacob gives her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and tries to revive her, while Edward injects her venom and bites into various parts of her body. However, Bella doesn't respond.

When he thinks that Bella has died, Jacob goes out to cry and the other wolves realize what has happened. The group wants to take revenge on the Cullens, because they caused the death of a human, thus breaking the pact between the vampires and the lycanthropes, but Jacob stops them.

When he walks in to see the baby, he prints with her. At the same time, Carlislie explains to Edward that Bella is alive but she remains still because of the morphine and that, inside, Bella is regenerating.

The third part of the novel is re-narrated from the point of view of Bella Swan. Bella describes her new life as a vampire: she goes hunting with Edward for the first time and is strong against human blood. When he meets his daughter Renesmee, he discovers that Jacob has imprinted with her, so he makes claims and beats him, however.

Jacob explains that he only wants to protect his daughter and that he has realized that his never made sense. supposed love for her, because from the beginning her true love was Renesmee.

As time passes, the Cullen family realizes Renesmee's hasty growth and her gift of telling her story to other vampires, putting her hand on the cheek of others. In addition, she is introduced to Bella's father as Edward and Bella's adopted daughter, as Charlie must not know about the existence of vampires.

When Renesmee has grown older, Irina, the Cullens' relative and Bella's enemy, sees her from afar and assumes that she is an immortal girl converted by the Cullens, since vampires cannot procreate each other.

He decides to give notice to the Volturi, since in the vampire world it is forbidden to turn a child into a vampire because this boy or girl would stop their biological age and appearance there, as well as their psychological age, so with just a tantrum it could be very destructive.

The life of the Cullens is complicated when, in one of her visions, Alice sees the arrival of the Volturi and their attack on the Cullens for disobeying the rules. As the Cullens believe that the Volturi come to fight and not to dialogue, they decide to seek the help of their relatives and acquaintances to give testimony in front of the Volturi. Also, Alice and Jasper travel to South America with the purpose of finding a boy similar to Renesmee.

When the Volturi arrive, the Cullen family is already prepared for combat, but the opponent's boss gives them the opportunity to present their side of events, so Renesmee's true origin is clear. However, the Volturi, fearing that Bella and Edward's daughter is a threat to the vampire world, are not entirely convinced.

At that moment Alice and Japer arrive, accompanied by a Brazilian vampire who is also a hybrid like Renesmee. He tells his story, making it clear that he poses no threat to the vampire world, so the Volturi ultimately decide to retreat.

Later, everything goes back to normal quickly, Bella asks Alice for explanations of why she made them believe that she abandoned them and she only replies that she did it because it was necessary and she did not know if she was going to find what she I was looking for.

In the last scene, Bella removes her shield and lets Edward read her mind and shows him all the memories she has with him, thus manifesting the great love she feels for him.

If you complete the twilight saga complete collection pdf free download then read this book and enjoy your time. Source Of Information: Wikipedia

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