Now I will share telugu chandamama kathalu books pdf download link. Many years have passed since one of our grandmothers and grandfathers sat down next to us and read the stories in the books, ending with the words "Katha kanchiki manam intiki" at home!

Well even if the present generation does not have that luck then at least read good stories in any story book which is rarely found anywhere. These days, children who make a fuss are given a smart phone and not given a story book either.

There aren’t even many kids who like to read stories with it. That is why most story book publishing companies are closed today. But once upon a time we had good story books in Telugu.

Four and a half generations have enjoyed these well. Children wander into the imagination while reading stories. Thus the power to imagine reading from an early age is caused in the child's brain. And here are some of the best Telugu story books that entertain Telugu people every month.

telugu chandamama kathalu books pdf download


It is the king of story books. For the Telugu people, this Chandamama book was the first book to be remembered as a story book. There were not only myths and legends but also stories that told the culture of countries like Greece, China and Roman. The stories are on the one hand while impressing the children with the weird stories of the toy serial.

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