Today I will share best romantic novels by indian authors free pdf download link. Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world, not knowing how many poets and writers have written so much, but still it seems less as much as people or read about it. 

Thousands of novels have been written on love, but some of them have become immortal forever due to their excellent story. If you are fond of Hindi novels, then you must read these best novels.

How many English novels have you read by Indian writers? I bet, not too many! Most of our literary curriculum is based on Western writers and maybe a few Indian writers.

Most of today's young readers also like to read Bengali translations of the works of English writers such as Paul Coyleho. Indifferent to the immense literary wealth of the writers of their own country.

The list of best novels written by Indian authors may be long. But if you want to start, you can start from these 5 English novels written by Indian authors. Indian English has now become a brand in itself.

Indians are self-proclaimed writers of the post-colonial era. But these selected writings prove that there is much more to Indian writing than colonialism. This list is for those who want to pretend to be a scholar of literature or have read many books. You may be proficient in English, but you can get the title 'scholar' only after reading these.

romantic novels by indian authors free pdf download

Best romantic novels by indian authors free pdf download with google drive

Now I will share best romantic novels by indian authors pdf in english free download link with google drive.

Midnight's Children Salman Rushdie pdf free in english: Midnight's Children: One of Salman Rushdie's best novels to date. It is the first novel to analyze a marvelous reality over three generations. Two characters born in the middle of India's independence are the central characters in this novel.

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The Inheritance of Loss Kiran Desai pdf free in english : Is the roots of culture really deep, not just a cover? In this background, the award-winning Kiran Desai highlights the differences in lifestyle between the East and the West. How easy it is for people to abandon their culture and adapt.


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Shadow Lines Amitabh Ghosh pdf free in english: Amitabh Ghosh's "Shadow Lines" should be read not only as a narrative, but also for history. The protagonist is a very interesting person because he remembers one place more than the people there or their personalities.

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