In this post I will share mr walton please control your love novel pdf free download link. Laura never expected to sleep with her deadly enemy, but it turned out to be a good match for both of them. Her indifference after marriage makes her angry. "You're so bastard!"

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Please click this link below for mr walton please control your love novel pdf free download. The first chapter is not about a prostitute: "Imm ..." Laura felt pain and woke up from a coma. The house was dark. He could only hear one person's heavy breathing, which caused him severe pain.

She tried her best to make him love her. But his daughter was useless as if she had a cotton swab in her fist.

He couldn't call outside, just "stop" in his mind. When he woke up again, he was out in the morning. Lara Green opened her eyes and looked into the unfamiliar room. The enchanting scenes from the night before became heavy in his brain.

Then suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his body and sat down. As he got out of bed, he spilled blood on the bed and wiped his fists.

It wasn't a dream ... the bathroom door was open. One came out of the bathroom. He saw her lying on his bed in fear. How can this be? How could it be?

The man had only a towel wrapped around his lower body. She looked at him and said, "Slack?" Laura Green swallowed her saliva, and stood up with nerves. "M ... m. Walton."

The man naturally wiped the water from his hair and said, "If you really need to say something, say it later. Take a bath first."

Laura Green lowers her eyes. "No, I'm fine, I ... I still have something to do, I'm leaving." "Miss Green, don't we have to explain what happened last night?"

A blush crepe on Green's face. Is there anything to explain for something like this? Should he report and say that he was too drunk to do what happened?

"Mr. Walton, I'm very clean and have no winner's disease. Also, I don't think Mr. Walton was harmed last night, so can you forget what happened last night?"

He looked confident but in reality, he said the last sentence in a bold tone. "I know you're clean. Above all I've already checked myself." He pushed a little and said, "No need to tell him out loud how weird it is!"

"I'm asking you if I need to do something for you. I guess, it wouldn't be a good idea to give you a check to finish these."

"I don't need anything. I just hope Mr. Walton can keep it a secret."

"What's all?" "Yes," he replied firmly.

William Walton frowned at his glamorous eyebrows and started the thin girl in front of him. In the end, it was his expression that said nothing. The girl grabbed the bag along with her clothes and hurried out of the house.

William Walton smiled meaningfully. This girl was attractive. There was only one mind in Laura's mind that was moving away from William Walton.

In Philadelphia, William Walton, chief executive of the 227-year-old Walton Group, was in favor of power, money and danger.

It was said that he did not hesitate to kill his older brother, the crippled Jack, and in short to succeed the CEO of the Walton Group.

If she were that kind of person, Laura Green wouldn't have the courage to fall in love with him. This person will be Mr. Walton. The Walton Group was Anderson Group's biggest competitor. For him, he had never wanted to do anything with the Anderson family all his life. He slapped her as she was leaving the hotel.

"Are you crazy? A snowman is better than William Walton, why do you need ...?" He wondered what would happen if the Anderson family found out about the matter? He shook his head and did not dare to consider the consequences. At this point, his phone rang.

He took it outside and saw it. The call was from William Walton. His fingers began to tremble. This is the first time his number has appeared on the screen of his cell phone.

Why did he call me? If he doesn't answer the phone, will he feel guilty? He picked up the ringtone as it was about to disappear: "Mr. Walton" "

"For your first theft, I will compensate. You can ask me to be kind to you at any time. I fall in love with you."

Lara Green paused for a moment, then calmed down and said: "Mr. Walton, you think I misunderstood that I'm not a whore."


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