In this post I will share balaji tambe garbh sanskar pdf file free download link. After starting the series "Garbha Sanskar" from Family Doctor, many women received letters explaining the seriousness of the issue and benefiting from the use of "Balant Lap - Easy Delivery Lap" for early and normal delivery.

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This article came to our notice late, we were informed that this article was running at the beginning of the ninth month, so what should we do now? There were also letters asking such questions. There were many letters asking to find out more about this by holding seminars or one or two day camps. Many expressed a desire to learn the yoga, exercise, massage, etc. suggested in it.

In this way, it was observed that people became aware of the subject of fetal culture. Therefore, it was decided to work on this book immediately so that a book could be prepared so that it could stay in the house forever and be used for generations.

It was decided that the ayurvedic method or the Indian tradition should be conveyed to the nurse as well as the information on how much and how to do it when the time comes to seek the help of modern research. The thought of life standing in front becomes important. Therefore, the action to make life happy and balanced is the science of "Samskaras" created by all the scriptures unanimously.

Since Ayurveda is a subject that touches all parts of life, it is written in one of the eight sections on miscarriage and gynecology. He also created the Department of Chemistry and Wajikaran. If chemistry and Wajikaran are not correct, then the offspring will not be nurtured by women's health, men's health and alternative. In Ayurveda, this organ said many things.

If there are some defects in the children, then the life and hard work of the parents is spent on raising the child. On the contrary, if healthy, intelligent, cultured children are born, then all the work becomes easier and useful elements are created for the society.

Balaji tambe garbh sanskar pdf file free download link:

Please click this link below for balaji tambe garbh sanskar pdf file free download. In this preparing this Sanskarshastra, Ayurveda considered the physical, mental and spiritual elements that are useful for all the organs of life. Therefore, special emphasis was laid on prenatal health and preparation. Even a small thing requires some preparation.

Getting married and living together may not be the only preparation for pregnancy. Doesn't it seem like a simple and straightforward etiquette to plan a "you want a baby" and then call the newcomer only to avoid an uninvited visitor? Look at the things that will affect the health of the fetus or mother throughout the day. Don't you want to cultivate it by giving?

In fact, nine months in the womb is a time of joy and celebration. During the nine months of pregnancy, certain diets need to be followed. What to eat, what not to eat, how to provide dohale, what yoga to do, what asanas to do, what to do to keep a woman happy, what to see, what pictures she should put in her bedroom, who to meet every day, no bad situations to face Samskara is a part of it.

What medications should be taken while the baby is growing in the womb, which will not increase the heat, should not be taken care of during pregnancy?

It is important to take care during pregnancy that there will be no rash on the skin of the newborn baby, no defects in his heart and other organs. Good results can be seen only if the couple prepares by performing Panchakarma and chemotherapy before pregnancy. Many have experienced that listening to music like "Feminine Balance" balances the whole body and creates fertile ground on the physical and mental levels for conception.

At present there are not many elders in the house. The newlyweds do not know what to do when they are pregnant, how to raise a child, how to massage, etc.

But isn't it necessary to learn it? We take all kinds of education to get a job and earn money, but isn't it also necessary to take this education that is vital and necessary for the family? It would be very useful for the modern generation to know all these rites in the same way that we have an elder or a family doctor in our house.

In addition to the Garbha Sanskars taught by Ayurveda, other disciplines such as musicology, Yoga, Astrology have taken into consideration the Ayurvedic Garbha Sanskars mentioned in this book.

If everyone decides to cooperate and take care of the child before it is born, then it will become a paradise of life and everyone will benefit from happiness, beauty and peace again.

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