Now I will share 365 panchatantra stories pdf free download link and 101 panchatantra stories pdf free download link in English and hindi . Panchatantra is considered the first place in Sanskrit fables. Although the book is no longer in its original form, its composition has been set around the third century BCE, based on available translations. The author of this book is Pt. Vishnu Sharma.

The Panchatantra is divided into five Tantras (parts): Mitrabheda (estrangement and separation between friends), Mitraabha or Mitra Sansapraan (friend's attainment and its benefits), Kakolukiyam (the story of crows and owls), Labbhpranash (hand of thing (illusion) Get out of hand), untreated factor (be careful not to test which has not been tested; do not step in a hurry).

In many stories of Panchatantra, in addition to human characters, many times animals and birds have also been made characters of the story and an attempt has been made to tell them many instructive things.

The stories of Panchatantra are ancient Indian legends that were written in Sanskrit and Pali. The main characters of this fascinating fairy tale are, occasionally, animals and birds. He shows his most recognized features in various stories and provides valuable life lessons and ethics.

This beautifully illustrated book provides a classic Panchatantra story for each day of the year. Read about cute rates, cute foxes, rogue hunters, great friends and more! The stories of Panchatantra are a treasure trove of knowledge, suitable for any child's library.

 365 panchatantra stories 

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365 panchatantra stories pdf free download link:

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Panchatantra has an important place in Sanskrit literature. It has excellent policy-related and inspiring stories. Inspiring stories are not found in any of the languages ​​of the world, not only in Indian languages. This is the reason why Panchatantra stories have been translated into many languages ​​of the world.

Many small books have been published in Hindi, which have presented the stories of Panchatantra, but no such book has been revealed so far, which presents the best stories of Panchatantra. We have created this book only to fill this gap. 

In this, the best and inspiring stories of Panchatantra are put forth in simple and pranamic language. Attempts have been made to mold the stories into new molds according to them. Hopefully, the book will prove useful for children, teenagers and adult readers.

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