Today I will share 1330 thirukkural in tamil with meaning pdf download link. Thirukkural was composed by Thiruvalluvar, who is revered as the deity of Thirukkural. It has a total of 133 powers. There are a total of 1330 screws at a rate of ten creases per power. All these fall into the three categories of virtue, substance and pleasure. The 133 chapters in Thirukural are given below. Click on it to read the critique for that power.

Thirukkural is one of the most famous Tamil language literatures. The biographical book Thirukkural has many names such as Poyamozhi, Muppal, Ulakapothumarai, Theivanul, Vayuraivazhthu and Uttaravedam. Scholars believe that the book may have been composed between the third and third centuries BC. Thiruvalluvar has written this book with many thoughts that have passed through the ages in such a period.

Thirukkural Author Note Complete details about Thiruvalluvar who composed Thirukkural are not yet available. But news about him has been circulating in our ears for centuries. According to it, he lived in Mylapore area of ​​Chennai and his wife's name is also said to be Vasuki

  1330 thirukkural


It is said that Vasuki became a very good grammar teacher. Even though the world is praising Tirukuralla today, it is rumored that Tiruvallur took great pains to stage it in the Tamil Sangam at the time the book was written and that it was staged at the Thirukural Tamil Sangam with the help of the Tamil grandmother Olavaiyar. 

1330 thirukkural in tamil with meaning pdf download link: 


Please click this link below for 1330 thirukkural in tamil with meaning pdf download. Thiruvalluvar, the author of this book, has many names such as Deivapulavar, Poiyil Pulavar and Perunavalar. Thiruvalluvar Thread Note Valluva Perunthakai divides everything necessary for a man's life into three parts and composes it into 1330 verses. There are a total of three milks in the screw. By virtue, by substance, by lust, or by pleasure. 


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Thirukkural is also known as Mubbal because of the beauty of the combination of the three milks. These three are further subdivided into ‘Physics’ and some chapters are subdivided under each chapter and grouped under 10 chapters under each chapter, making this book world famous with a total of 1330 offenses. Each drop in it has two feet. 

There are four sets on the first floor and three sets on the second floor for a total of seven sets. There are a total of 4 canons in Arattupal Arattupal. The first of these is "Biology". There are a total of 4 powers in botany. The second most common of these is homeopathy. There are a total of 20 chapters on homeopathy. It is followed by "monasticism". It has a total of 13 powers. Next comes "employment". There is only one power in this. 

There is only one authoritative physicist in Thirukkural. Botany - 4 Chapters Homeopathy - 20 Chapters Monasticism - 13 Chapters Ministry - 1 Chapter Arattupal has a total of 38 chapters and 380 songs. 

Thiruvalluvar There are a total of three syllables in the material. The first of these is "Government Science". There are 25 powers in it. Next up is "Ministry Science". It has 32 powers. Next up is "Elimination Science". There are 13 powers in it. There are a total of three syllables, 70 chapters and 700 songs in the material. Kamathupal There are a total of two canons in Kamathupal or Inpathupal which comes last in the thirties. One is theology and the other is pedagogy. There are 7 powers in theology. There are 18 chapters on pedagogy. So Kamathupal has a total of 25 chapters and 250 songs. 

There are a total of 9 hymns, 133 chapters and 1330 songs in Thirukkural. Some secrets about Thiruvalluvar Thiruvalluvar We have read a lot about the history of Thiruvalluvar since childhood. But most of what we read is not complete history, except for a history written by Sarar. 

If the truth wins, who will win today? When did he live? What is his real name? How was he? No one has confirmed any such information. Some texts say that Thiruvalluvar lived in Mylapore. Some other texts say that he lived in Kanya Kumari and some other texts say that he lived in Madurai. 

A few years ago, when everyone was confused as to when Thiruvalluvar lived, archaeologists studied it and suggested that Thiruvalluvar may have lived in the year 31 BC, that is, 31 years before the birth of Christ. Similarly, according to some references in our ancient texts, it is believed that Thiruvalluvar may have lived about 2500 years ago. But there is no definitive information. 

Thiruvalluvar Historians make some references to the confusion over where Thiruvalluvar was born. According to it, in the present day town of Thirunayinarkurichi in Kanyakumari district

Thiruvalluvar was born and the hill people lived in the area at that time and they were called land. Thiruvalluvar was born to the king who ruled the area and Thiruvalluvar ruled after his father. Some historians also say that the area he ruled was called Valluva Nadu. 

They also answer the question of how Thiruvalluvar could have been a king if he had become a poet. According to it, there were many kings who lived in our country as poets, for example, Ilangovadi who composed the Silappathikara, Kandaraditya Chola written by Tiruvisaipa can say many things like this. 

Therefore, according to some historians, King Valluvan is more likely to be Thiruvalluvar. Adding to this, Thiruvalluvar claims that there is a hill called Koovaimalai on the side of the town of Thirunayinarkurichi, where Valluvar is said to have been born. It is said that Kani, a tribal people living in the Ammalai area, still worship Thiruvalluvar as a deity, and when the monsoon rains subside, they go to the Valluvan Kalporrai hill named after Valluvar and worship Valluvar to this day. 

They also say that Thiruvalluvar must have been a king or he could not have written the details of the kingdom in Thirukural. It is noteworthy that in 1995, government documents recorded that Thiruvalluvar was born in the Kumari district. Aside from the controversy over where Thiruvalluvar lived, it is said that even the name Thiruvalluvar does not have his own name. 

In those days it was customary for people to add their surname to their name. It is said that Thiruvalluvar may have belonged to the Valluva clan and hence the name Thiruvalluvar. Thiruvalluvar According to the history we all generally read, Thiruvalluvar has a wife named Vasuki. Many references say that she lived as a deity seen by her husband. But is Thiruvalluvar really married?

 It is true that we have no historical evidence for any such question as his wife's name was Vasuki Thana. Similarly, no one has been able to say for sure what the real name of the book is. 

This book is full of many miracles, many religions celebrate their own. Surprisingly, Thiruvalluvar did not mention any religion in any of the 1330 voices. The next step was that he did not speak in any voice about any one Lord. That is why today that thread is said to be equal to all the people of the world. 

Although Thiruvalluvar is praised all over the world today, it is rumored that Tiruvallur took great pains to stage it in the Tamil Sangam at the time the book was written and that it was staged at the Thirukural Tamil Sangam with the help of the Tamil grandmother Olavaiyar. But this is also an unproven story. There is no doubt that 2500 years ago a book that measured the world in just seven words in two lines would have been just a screw-up. 

This book clearly states who should live, from an ordinary man to the greatest manna. If people read this book clearly, they will know what a manna should look like. There is a claim that most kings did not praise this book because it would cause trouble for the king if he knew it. This book was first printed in 1812. Since then its popularity has spread around the world, and today it has been translated into over 80 languages. 

It is noteworthy that in English alone, 40 people have translated this. No matter how many religions Thiruvalluvar belongs to, no one can deny that he is a Tamil. We are proud to share with you some tips from such a wonderful Tamil. Here is a video recording of the above information. Thirukkural Features Although this book was written in Tamil, the word Tamil does not appear in any voice. Nor does the word God appear. 

There are a total of 14,000 words in the thread. There are a total of 42,194 characters in Thirukkural. Year Thirukkural was first printed - 1812 First name of Thirukkural - Only the fruit of Mubbal Nerunchippalam is found in Thirukkural Only palm and bamboo trees are found in Thirukural. The word "debit" appears six times in a verse. This is the word that comes most in the same cold. The power of reference only comes twice in the thread. 

You hope you complete 1330 thirukkural in tamil with meaning pdf download. This is very Nice books.

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